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PP Pallet

Our plastic pallet is a highly versatile product that can be changeable its size and form to meet the needs of customers.

We sell plastic pallet “PP Pallet” that is often used for transportation, freight distribution and storage.

These PP Pallets are manufactured at Akebono Kasei Vietnam Co., Ltd. which has been invested by INABATA SINGAPORE. Our plastic pallet has 6 highly versatile features such as the flexibility to design its size and form to meet the needs of customers.

01Custom Made

We can customize our pallet in increments of 1 centimeter to design for your special need. Moreover, casters are available to install under your pallet for you to use it as a handcart as well.

02Available in various forms

We customize your pallet for a forklift to insert from any direction by arranging the combinations of top panel and axle member in the pallet, and also we can increase the loading weight and enhance its strength of pallet by adding axel members.

03All plastic resin made

Top panel, axle member and assembling pins are all made of plastic resin(polypropylene resin), therefore it is very easy to recycle. Also it does not need to go through troublesome processes such as fumigation and heat treatment, which means you will save the export processing charge. Our PP Pallet substantiates to reduce your budget and expedites the customs formalities. (*polycarbonate is used as reinforcing agent)

04Safe with slip stopper plate

Our PP Pallet attached to slip stopper plates on its top and bottom panel to avoid the pallets from sliding on the floor or to secure your loads on the pallets safely.


This is made of 100% plastic resin so that it will not produce any paper dusts or wood chips like wooden pallets, therefore it will never be corroded and you can use it cleanly and hygienically. Furthermore, you also can utilize our pallets for food storage in clean rooms by its cleansable feature.

06Easy to arrange in order

We have various colour options for your pallet or handcart. You can choose from red, blue, yellow, green, white, black and so on to organize the pallets by processes/stages of your business(e.g. During the Production, Works in Progress or During the Adjustment). It will lead to improving the operating effectiveness.

Performance Test Results (800*700)
Leg Part Compression 714 kg
Full-Scale Compression 6120 kg
Bending Performance 1220 kg
Bottom Deck Board 1020 kg
Dropping (Deformation Rate) 0.2% (change in diagonal distance when dropped three times)
Withstanding Load
Live Load
Dead Load



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